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Savi 700 Series Firmware Release Notes

Identyfikator artykułu :
Versions 28.48/181/28.28

Base firmware version 28.48, USB version 181, headset version 28.28

What's New
  • Fixed audio issue with Savi 700 Series resulting from an error in the audio sample rate clock management. Note: To access this firmware users must update to Plantronics Hub v3.9.4 or above.
Versions 28.47/179/28.25

WARNING: This update may take up to 40 minutes to complete.

Base firmware version 28.47, USB version 179, headset version 28.25

What's New
  • Compliance with DECT forum security certification program
  • A2DP support for Bluetooth devices, e.g. text-to-voice conversion apps and streaming audio
  • Reversible volume +/- orientation for Savi 740/745 headset
  • Expanded firmware upgrade options (Bluetooth chip, tuning files)
  • Performance improvement for specific Alcatel phone use cases
Versions 19.85/165/19.4

Base firmware version 19.85, USB version 165, headset version 19.41

What's New
  • Updated to provide improved functionality with iPhone 5 using iOS 6 and iPhone 4s. 
Resolved Issues
  • Fixed Microsoft Lync and Mac compatibility. 
  • Fixed headset audio issues that could result in a vibrating noise in certain scenarios.

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