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BackBeat 903/906 Troubleshooting: Can't Hear Music from Other Audio Source

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I can't hear music from my other audio source while the headset is also paired to my Bluetooth A2DP mobile phone.


If you connect your mobile phone to your headphones before connecting your Bluetooth adaptor to your headphones, your mobile phone's A2DP Bluetooth profile may interfere with the functioning of the adaptor.  Additionally, if you power off the adaptor or move out of Bluetooth range (33 feet/10 meters), you may lose the connection to your headphones.  In either situation, you will need to:
  1. Disconnect - but do not delete - your headphones from your mobile phone's list of paired devices (see your mobile phone's Bluetooth manager).
  2. Reconnect your headphones to your adaptor.
  3. Reconnect your headphones to your mobile phone (see your phone's Bluetooth manager).

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