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GameCom P90: Headset Indicator Lights and Tones

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The table below reflects headset indicator lights, tones, and the reasons for their activity.
Reason Light  Tone
Powering On Short Blue Flash Ascending Tones
Powering Off Short Red Flash Descending Tones
Low Battery Red Flashes 5 Tones When Under 5 minutes of Talk Time
Charging Solid Red Glow None
Fully Charged None (the red light
goes out when fully charged)
Pairing Alternating Red and Blue Flashes 2 Low Tones 5 Seconds Apart
Paired Successfully Blue Flashes 2 Low Tones One Second Apart
Incoming Call 3 Blue Flashes Every 2 Seconds 3 Rapid Low Tones Every 2 Seconds
Call in Progress 1 Blue Flash Every 2 Seconds None
Missed Call 3 Purple Flashes
(press call button to stop)

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