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Pulsar 260: How to Use with Your Powered Speakers or Stereo

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How do I use my Bluetooth pendant with my powered speakers/stereo?

You can connect the stereo Bluetooth pendant directly to powered speakers or your home stereo with the included audio-out cable (provided that your speakers/ home stereo is fitted with a line-in or auxiliary 3.5mm audio socket. Please consult your equipment guide.). To use your Bluetooth pendant with your powered speakers or stereo:
  1. Ensure the stereo Bluetooth pendant and your speakers/home stereo are powered off.
  2. Connect the audio-out cable 2.5mm plug to the stereo Bluetooth pendant and the 3.5mm plug to to the powered speakers/home stereo Line-in or Auxiliary 3.5mm audio socket.
  3. Power on both the stereo Bluetooth pendant and your speakers/home stereo.

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