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Calisto Pro: Multipoint Technology

Yes.  The Calisto supports multipoint.  The headset can be paired to both the Calisto handset and one additional Bluetooth device (phone, PDA, etc.).  The Calisto Pro headset can be paired with up to 8 devices, but it does not support Multipoint with more than one Bluetooth device.  The Calisto handset can be paired with only one device (normally the Calisto headset). How to Use Multipoint:

When on a landline call and receiving an incoming call from a Bluetooth device:
If you are engaged on one line and you receive an incoming call on the second line, you will hear a notification beep in the Calisto headset.  You will then have the choice to accept the call (by pressing the button on the headset) or to ignore it.   Please note that if you accept a call from the second line, the first call will be disconnected. 
Note: If you would like to keep both calls, you can dock the Calisto handset in its charging base.  Then the landline caller will be automatically transferred to the Calisto's speaker phone, and you can talk with the mobile caller on your Calisto headset.  When on a landline call and receiving an incoming VoIP call:
You can switch between a landline and VoIP call by pressing FLASH, but conferencing is not possible.