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Savi W440/W440-M USB Charger Information

USB Charger Models
There are two USB chargers available for the Savi W440/W440-M:
  • Standard charger - Included with the system (shown below on the left)
  • Deluxe charger - Sold separately as part number 84602-01 (charger only) or 84603-01 (charger and spare battery). It charges both the headset and spare battery (shown below on the right).
Image of the Savi W440 USB charging cable Image of the Savi W440 USB deluxe charging cable
Indicator Light Activity
The following table describes the indicator light activity you will see when you charge your Savi W440/W440-M headset using a USB charger.
Device Being Charged LED Location LED Activity Description
Headset Headset Flashing white Battery charging
Headset Headset Solid white Battery fully charged
Spare battery* Charger Flashing green Battery charging
Spare battery* Charger Solid white Battery fully charged
*Only with the USB deluxe charger
Notes About Charging
  • Some USB ports do not have enough power to charge the headset. If your headset doesn't charge and your laptop has multiple USB ports, try plugging the charger into a different USB port.
  • The USB ports in most laptops will become inactive when the laptop goes into sleep or hibernation mode. For this reason, you should only try to charge the headset while you're actively using your laptop. As an alternative, you may disable sleep mode for your laptop USB ports.