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RIG: How to Setup with PC

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The following procedure details how to set up the RIG headphone with your PC.

  1. Insert the headset 3.5mm plug into the headset jack on the front of the mixer on the left side. 
  2. Plug the USB into an available port on your PC and the 3.5mm into the headset/headphone speaker jack.
    Note: The RIG Mixer is attached to a set of cables that includes a long cord with a 3.5mm audio and USB connectors.
  3. Assign "Plantronics Gaming RIG" as the PC microphone via USB.
    NOTE: Game audio is received via the 3.5mm input. The two connections provide discrete audio streams to the mixer without having to adjust software settings during a game.
  4. Slide the balancer, on the right side of the mixer, upward to make the game sound louder and voice (game chat) quieter. Slide the control downward to increase voice (game chat) and game audio quieter.

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