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Savi 700 Series: How to Change the Configuration Setting

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At the factory, Savi 700 Series systems are set to a configuration setting of "A," which works with most phones. If you do not hear a dial tone, or if you have other audio problems, try changing the configuration setting, as described below.

A = Most common setting for handset port connections
B and C = Some Avaya

To change the configuration setting:
  1. On the side of the base, open the cover to the settings switches.
  2. Slide the configuration switch (see below) to the appropriate setting.
Image of the Savi Office configuration switch location

To test configuration:
  1. With your headset on, press the call control button on the headset.
  2. Remove the handset from the phone cradle (only if you are not using an HL10 or EHS cable).
  3. Listen for a dial tone. If the dial tone does not sound clear, adjust the configuration switch until the dial tone sounds best.
  4. If the dial tone sounds clear, proceed with making a test call. If the audio quality is good, you do not need to make any further adjustments.
  5. Press the call control button on the headset and return the handset to the cradle to end the test.

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