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GameCom P90 Features

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GameCom P90 Features POWER SWITCH
  • On (slide to reveal black)
  • Off (slide to reveal red)
  •  Take a call or end it (1 tap)  Redial (2 taps)
  •  Reject a call (2 sec press until tone heard)
  •  Initiate phone’s voice-dialing (2 second press until tone is heard)
  •  Mute: On/Off (2 sec press when call or game is active)
  •  Reconnect lost Bluetooth connection (1 tap if the headset doesn’t automatically reconnect)
  •  Activate pairing mode after initial set up (press until red/blue LED flashes)
  • Charging (solid red)
  • Fully charged (no light)
  • Low battery (red flashes, 5 tones)
  • On a call (blue flash every 2 seconds)
  • Missed call (3 purple flashes. Tap call button to cancel light.)
  • Pairing mode (repeating red/blue flashes)
  •  1 (min) thru 8 (max) (Factory default is 4. One tap per level change.)

MICRO USB CHARGING PORT Charge with the USB cord from PS3 to headset:
  • 30 minutes before first use 2 hours (100% charge)
 Do not use headset while charging

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