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How to Replace Your Specials Product in the US

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The following Specials products are available for replacement via web form and do not require to be sent for repair:
SHS Family CA Family
SHS1890-10 CA12CD Battery Pack
SHS1890-15 CA12CD Family PPT Adapter
SHS1890-25 CA12CD Remote
SHS1926-10 CA12CD-S Adapter
SHS1926-15 CA12CD-S Remote

If your product is not listed above and it was purchased less than 30 days ago, please contact the place of purchase for a replacement.
If it's not listed above and has been over 30 days, please send the product to our Service Center for repair:
Plantronics Service Center 
Attention: Service Orders
1470 Exposition Way, Suite 130
San Diego, CA  92154

Please include your name, address and telephone number, along with the product(s) and, if possible, the proof of purchase to help validate the warranty. NOTE: If the headset that you are sending in for repair has a molded ear tip on it, please detach from the headset and do not send it in with your headset.
If the product is within warranty, we will repair the product free of charge.  If there is no proof of purchase, we will use the product's date code to determine the warranty. If we determine it is out of warranty, there will be a repair charge involved. 
The turnaround time for repair is 2-3 weeks. If you have any questions regarding the repair of your unit, possible costs involved, or any other service question, please contact our Service Center at 1-800-544-4660.

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