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Plantronics enables IT Directors to think big with easy-to-use technology and world-class audio products

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Partnering with the right provider will help your organisation keep up with the latest technology.

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Advancements in technology are changing the way people work and Plantronics are leading the way. Our products and expertise can help your organisation adapt a more flexible yet efficient approach and empower your workers with the chance to work anywhere, any time and without compromise on communications. Plantronics helps you get ready to respond to more opportunities than ever before...

“Thanks to Plantronics headsets, we are now having clearer conversations with our customers. We are enjoying improved communication, enhanced productivity and increased customer satisfaction. They're comfortable too, making longer calls considerably easier both in the office and on the move. All of these improvements are helping us achieve our smarter working vision.” Paul Brazier, Head of IS, Volume Global

Comfortable evolution

Fixed offices and the 9-5 are making way for a more virtual collaboration that includes remote workspaces, multiple methods of communication and adaptable working hours. For this to succeed, your organisation requires the tools that will enable people to work where ever they feel most comfortable and when the global nature of your business allows, all the time ensuring clear communications. These evolving workplace dynamics are an incredible opportunity, and Plantronics can help your business adopt a smarter way of working efficiently and without disruption. Our headsets reduce background noise, ensure excellent call quality whatever the workspace and boast expertise that provide greater comfort. Moreover, our combination of world-class support and comprehensive warranties (which can be extended or enhanced through our service portfolio) will make adoption and continued use seamless, leaving you to simply focus on an improving ROI.

Evolution of the desk phone

In 2009, Gartner predicted that 40% of knowledge workers would use multifunctional devices to communicate by 2014. As these graphs show, ‘smart’ workers are increasingly using a combination of headsets and UC software to handle calls between landlines, mobiles and PCs. The smartest are demanding headsets that improve their ‘voice presence’ with consistent high quality audio. Unified communications is the solution and at the heart of it is the Plantronics audio device. We'll ensure 'the voice' remains integral while you boost productivity.

Enabling your business with virtual collaboration

As we evolve away from the office and a fixed work location towards a more remote future, there will be an increasing need to stay connected through collaboration and ‘virtual’ presence.

To make the remote future a reality, businesses will focus on new collaboration, taking productivity to the next level. However, it's also important to consider the quality of communication.

The headset is at the heart of unified communications and virtual collaboration. It connects hardware, software and platforms to create a new virtual world of online collaboration whilst giving users the freedom to work in a way that suits them.

See how we collaborate with Cisco to deliver a seamless call transfer experience between a desk phone and mobile phone.

Helping you deliver ROI

As well as helping your business collaborate on a virtual level, deploying a unified communications solution combined with a Plantronics audio device can also deliver significant return on investment:

  • Technologies such as noise cancelling deliver enhanced audio, helping workers deliver messages clearly, concisely and reducing call time
  • Wireless technology gives workers flexibility and the freedom to move and collaborate with ease, resulting in better performance and enhanced customer satisfaction
  • 'Hands-free' technologies increase productivity and effective working hours by allowing workers to multi-task, and in less cluttered conditions
  • Workers are no longer juggling a handset between shoulder and ear, enhancing wellbeing
  • UC systems can be used as an audio conferencing bridge to make it easier and quicker to discuss documents (such as videos)
  • UC has a predicted 60% attachment rate by 2015, providing more opportunities for all businesses

ROI can be measured by uptake, productivity and reduced missed calls. Plantronics is there to support adoption every step of the way.

It’s important to engage, and Plantronics are well-versed when it comes to partnering with organisations to support the successful delivery of your unified communications solution and virtual collaboration strategy.

We help you every step of the way. Our team will help specify your requirements to ensure your portfolio matches your business and employee needs. We’ll help you choose the right product from our range of headsets and deliver training guides to enable smooth user adoption cost effectively. Most importantly, we offer comprehensive support throughout deployment to ensure a smooth transition and reduce disruption to service levels.

Our interactive training guide shows how we help businesses drive user adoption.

What is smarter working?

Smarter working is when an organisation allows employees to choose the most productive location to work. They are not bound by coming into the traditional office every day to do their job.. This flexible approach allows for greater efficiency, employee retention and resource utilisation.

Smarter technology for smarter working

Plantronics innovative audio solutions help IT professionals enable smarter working and a more flexible approach. All spaces become a place of work – not just the physical space you know as ‘the office’.

Watch our video

Comprehensive support

We provide expert technical assistance through our contact centres, online knowledge base and worldwide direct sales force. This combined know-how provides the information and advice IT managers need to support their users and minimise helpdesk calls.

Unbeatable solutions

People need lightweight equipment that is easy to install and use, and which boasts exceptional audio regardless of location and associated background noise. Plantronics technology, combined with easy adoption and support helps you meet these needs.

Incredible quality, anywhere

Our market-leading headsets provide crystal clear voice calls – whatever the location or background noise – using advanced audio technology. Plantronics supply the technology to ensure you keep having the conversations that help you stand out in your competitive landscape.

Ready to get ahead of the game?

Explore our world-class solutions

Design evolution

The lightweight headset is the result of a 50-year evolution, which started with a prototype designed for NASA’s historic moon mission.

We conduct the most comprehensive research into the human ear, which means our ultra-light, hands-free designs are comfortable and reduce any unnecessary pains or aches. They:

  • Increase productivity by up to 23%
  • Reduce neck and back pain and headaches by as much as 31%

Study from the University of Surrey

Voice intelligibility

With the growth of mobile phones, VoIP and other network variables, audio quality can vary dramatically, yet clarity and intelligibility is vital when projecting a good impression and maintaining a high level of professionalism.

Modern headsets are designed to meet these new and challenging conditions, with intelligent technology that delivers high-quality reproduction – anywhere, any time.

In areas with high background noise, AudioIQ2 technology adapts listening levels automatically. And when working outside, microphones with Windsmart technology help to minimise wind noise.

HD voice calls

Plantronics' latest headsets come with a built-in HD-voice unit perfect for the latest wideband IP networks. They double the standard telephony bandwidth to 6.8KHz, which dramatically improves the intelligibility of voice consonant sounds.

Let’s do business

Doing business with Plantronics is easy. We're flexible, so we can provide solutions to suit your needs on a local, regional or global basis. Our headsets are sold globally via a network of trusted IT and telephony partners, distributors, OEMs and service providers and we have comprehensive partnerships with all the leading telecoms providers including Alcatel-Lucent, Avaya, Cisco, Siemens, IBM and Microsoft.

Learn more about our partners

UC Toolkit

We’ve specifically designed a UC Toolkit to help IT professionals ensure a smooth UC audio device deployment. It includes IT best practices, recommendations, and more.

Download the UC Toolkit Brochure

Watch the UC Toolkit Overview Video

Visit the UC Toolkit Website

PGi iMeet

PGi’s iMeet app offers ultra-secure video conferencing for business without downloads, hardware or device restriction. Paired with the Plantronics Voyager headset, iMeet lets others:

  • See when you’re wearing your headset
  • See when your headset is muted
  • Know when to switch to a private chat
  • Switch conversations online when near a PC

Learn more


InstantMeeting one-touch conferencing provides you with:

  • Configurable meeting times
  • Location-based intelligence
  • Attendee notifications
  • Flexibility

Learn more

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    • Enjoy wireless freedom while seamlessly managing PC, mobile and desk phone calls with a single intelligent headset system
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    • USB Headset
    • Bluetooth-enabled corded USB headset with smart sensor technology
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    • Bluetooth Headset System
    • Enjoy intuitive call management and outstanding audio from your mobile phone on the road to your desk phone in the office, and everywhere in between.
    • Savi 400 Series
    • Savi 400 Series
    • USB Wireless DECT Headset System
    • The highest level of wearing style choice and best-in-class PC audio in a convenient, portable package.

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