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Instant win

Ensuring Sales and Marketing Managers are connected and productive away from the office with the latest technology.

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Work smarter

Smarter working ensures you don’t miss any opportunities.

Opportunity Knocks

Opportunity knocks

The dynamics of work are evolving and so is the Sales and Marketing team. You're revolutionising the way you work in an effort to create more opportunities. You're leaving fixed workspaces and the 9-5 behind and replacing them with a more flexible approach that gives you the ability to win new business regardless of time or location. Yet you need the right tools to help take you to the next level...

Sing When You're Winning

Sing when you're winning

Plantronics provide Sales and Marketing staff with advancing technologies that enable them to collaborate virtually and work anywhere, any time. We help them work smarter by eliminating background noise and enabling them to speak clearly and with clarity at all times. Put simply: our headsets ensure the message is heard no matter where users are, helping seal every all-important deal. Our products also unify apps and devices, which not only makes communicating – including joining calls and multi-tasking – easier on the go, even if they’re behind the wheel of a car, but also ensures workers never miss an opportunity again. Ongoing support will also help workers utilise the power of their voice, use conference call etiquette to their advantage and experiment with technologies until they find the perfect match. Instant wins for greater gains.

Don't settle for less

Plantronics technological advancements are improving the way salespeople communicate with customers. They provide flexibility and the freedom to work anywhere, anytime and without compromise on quality.

Fixed office locations are evolving towards a more remote and virtual future. New collaboration tools will free salespeople to simply focus on winning more business regardless of location.

Watch our video to see how you can boost productivity and win by working smarter.

Unbeatable communication

Managing Workplace Noise

Managing workplace noise

In flexible working environments, it's important to reduce background noise in order to minimise miscommunications and lost sales opportunities.

Silence on the go

Salespeople are constantly on the move, whether they're inside the office or out on location. They require freedom but must remain contactable, so it's important they have the technology to reduce noise and avoid missing calls.

Get smarter on the move

Communicating on the move requires easy-to-use devices that deliver the best audio quality for long periods.

Comfortable but capable

Devices must be lightweight, comfortable to use and offer hands-free capabilities to enable typing/talking on the go.

Enabling technologies

Plantronics headsets enhance all devices including advanced desk phones with desktop computer or laptop, enterprise resource planning (ERP) and next generation voice software.

Put simply, Plantronics empowers workers with the freedom to roam with exceptional call clarity.

Ready to get ahead of the game?

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Zero to hero with the power of voice

According to our speech impact expert, competitive edge can be achieved by tuning voices with pace, pause, power and pitch:


Slow down. If you think you’re speaking too slowly, you're at the right pace.


Have a break. A pause in conversation enables you to add emphasis. But don’t, pause, after, every, word – it sounds scripted.


Speak up - increasing voice levels can grab attention and add emphasis – but not too often.


Raising the tone at the end of a sentence will indicate you’re looking for an answer to a question. Lowering the tone adds a level of seriousness to your voice.

The work dynamic is changing:

  • Positive results reflect performance, not just presence
  • Self-motivation and freedom of choice are key driving forces
  • Collaboration happens organically
  • The employer/employee dynamic should be a partnership

Want to boost productivity and sales by speaking with impact?

Watch our video

Conference Call Etiquette

Plantronics can help you enjoy more successful conference calls more often.

Watch our video

Download our infographic

Steve's Guide to Collaboration

Smarten up

Plantronics headsets combine state-of-the art technology and practical ergonomics to enable unrestricted communication – anytime, anywhere.

These latest designs can be used across multiple devices and for all types of multi-media entertainment.

Start winning some business!

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More Resources

Download our white papers, brochures and further resources to discover a new world of work.

Future of Workplaces

Flexible Working


‘Hot 100 companies’ Employee Benefits Magazine (2013)

‘Top Technology Innovators’ (2012)

‘Mark of Excellence’ – 21st Century Employer (2009)

Top products

    • CS500 Series
    • CS500 Series
    • Wireless DECT Headset System
    • Plantronics' legendary CS family is setting a new wireless standard for desk phone communication with the CS500 Series.
    • Savi 700 Series
    • Savi 700 Series
    • Wireless DECT Headset System
    • Enjoy wireless freedom while seamlessly managing PC, mobile and desk phone calls with a single intelligent headset system
    • Blackwire 710/720
    • Blackwire 710/720
    • USB Headset
    • Bluetooth-enabled corded USB headset with smart sensor technology
    • Voyager Legend CS
    • Voyager Legend CS
    • Bluetooth Headset System
    • Enjoy intuitive call management and outstanding audio from your mobile phone on the road to your desk phone in the office, and everywhere in between.
    • Calisto 600 Series
    • Calisto 600 Series
    • UC Speakerphone
    • The perfectly portable, corded and wireless speakerphone that takes unified communications on the road

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