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Contact Center Future

How Does Your Company Sound?

The contact center is undergoing paradigm shifts that pose challenges to organizations. The new Plantronics series, in downloadable e-Books, is a practical guide for anyone in the contact center industry who wants to survey these opportunities and learn how to implement change.

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Part 1: The Future of the Contact Center

An overview of the various factors influencing change in the contact center.

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Part 2: Social Media

A practical primer to guide you through the issues and challenges around social media in the contact center.

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Part 3: Home Working

Smart ways to integrate home workers into the contact center.

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Part 4: Speech impact

Provides solutions to technical challenges, such as background noise, as well as empathy training for contact agents.

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Part 5: Acoustic Intelligence

Ideas and tactics on how agents can improve call clarity, both in and out of the contact center.

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Part 6: Cutting the Cord

Thinking about going wireless? Get practical tips on how that will impact your facility and organization.

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