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The Plantronics Office: A living lab for our sound solutions. Hoofddorp, the Netherlands

Experience leads to innovation.

For over 50 years, Plantronics has been driven by a single obsession: to remove the barriers to simple, clear communication. What better way to demonstrate our commitment to helping people work smarter, than by putting our noise management principles into practice in our own offices. Through extensive research, we identified the most common employee roles, workstyles and productivity challenges. With these insights as our guide, we applied the fundamentals of our Habitat Soundscaping technology along with other best-in-class tools and solutions to shape the environment for our employees. Here are a few examples…

A biophilic approach.

Biophilic elements are featured throughout the building, including water features and natural light from floor-to-ceiling windows. In-ceiling speakers, a part of the Habitat Soundscaping service, are strategically placed throughout the space to provide audio that complements the water features, minimizing distracting intelligible speech using the natural sounds of water while creating a more inviting work environment. The result is an immersive environment that reinvigorates the office and enhances employee productivity.* *“The global impact of biophilic design in the workplace,” Architecture Now, February 01, 2016.

Nature powered by technology.

The Habitat Soundscaping software intelligently uses ceiling-mounted sensors to detect distracting speech, quantify its distractive power and dynamically adjust the natural sounds in the surrounding areas to allow conversations to happen organically while helping others stay focused. The result: a truly responsive environment.

No echoes. No scattered thinking.

Floors, ceilings and crystal-shaped walls are designed to dampen or deflect sound and minimize noise to enable collaboration and focus. Hard, shiny surfaces that reflect sound are only used when necessary.

Steering clear of distractions.

This carpet, made from recycled fish nets, absorbs sound and features a design that is intended to guide foot traffic away from desk areas — an innovative yet simple way to manage noise.

Rooms that work.

In addition to the many innovative noise management design and technology features, the building also houses a variety of purpose-built rooms that encourage teams to meet and collaborate or escape and focus when the need arises.

An environment for Smarter Working.

Learn more about our Living Lab — the place where Smarter Working happens. Understanding how to help organizations adapt to the challenges of noise in today’s workplace is a work in progress every day. Optimizing the way people, spaces and technology come together enables employees to be at their most productive wherever, whenever or however they need to be.