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Office Worker Headsets

The office is changing with many companies moving to open office plans. This brings more collaboration but also more noise. Our headsets are designed specifically for the office, no matter what level of distractions occur.

CS500 XD Series

Wireless Headset System

P/N: 88909-01

Triple the number of wireless headsets in the same space without compromise



CS545 XD, Convertible
CS545 XD, Convertible

PN: 88909-01
CS540 XD
CS540 XD

PN: 88283-01
PN: 88285-01
PN: 88284-01


Connects to Desk phone
Ideal for Enterprise office environments with a large concentration of desk-centric workers looking for a simple-to-set-up, simple-to-use wireless offering for managing desk phone calls
Talk time CS545-XD: Unlimited** CS540-XD: Up to 6 hrs CS510-XD/CS520-XD: Up to 8.5 hrs
Headset weight CS540-XD/CS545-XD Convertible: 21 g CS510-XD Over-the-head (monaural): 72 g CS520-XD Over-the-head (binaural): 94 g
Wireless frequency 900 MHz, range up to 350 ft
Audio performance Narrowband or wideband: up to 6,800 Hz
Hearing protection CS510-XD, CS520-XD, CS540-XD, CS545-XD: SoundGuard: protects against sound levels above 118 dBA
Models CS545-XD: Convertible + unlimited talk time** CS540-XD: Convertible CS520-XD: Over-the-head, binaural CS510-XD: Over-the-head, monaural
* Neckband sold separately
** Includes a spare battery and charging cable for unlimited talk time