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Supplier Collaboration

Supply Chain Solutions. As part of Plantronics' next generation supply chain initiatives we have introduced iSupplier. This is a self service, web based tool that allows secure, real-time transactions between Plantronics and its suppliers. iSupplier provides direct access to information such as purchase orders, on-hand quantities, receipts, as well as exception messages and alerts to better manage and respond to the events in the purchasing and planning processes. Eligible suppliers may now input their invoices directly into the iSupplier tool. 

iSupplier Information

Please note: Plantronics makes the information on available for your use subject to the terms and conditions set forth in the Plantronics Purchase Order Terms and Conditions. In the event you have a Vendor Managed Inventory Agreement, Consigned Vendor Managed Inventory Agreement or a master agreement in place, then the terms and conditions of the applicable agreement shall govern your use of the iSupplier site, including the provisions that specifically govern the delivery of invoices to Plantronics. By using iSupplier, you agree to be bound by all the provisions of your applicable agreement with Plantronics, including any additional procedures that Plantronics may implement under the iSupplier program from time to time.

You agree to use iSupplier to obtain the forecasts and other information you need to timely perform your obligations under the applicable agreements and, if eligible, to input invoices directly into iSupplier and for no other purpose.You also agree that the forecasts are subject to a wide range of factors and circumstances beyond Plantronics control and that the forecasts may not reflect actual results. Plantronics shall bear no liability or responsibility in the event that the forecasts do not accurately predict results or performance.

Report Conflict Mineral Issues

You can report issues regarding Conflict Minerals, and other business conduct matters, at Plantronics by either clicking on the link or via mail:

Attn: General Counsel and Corporate Secretary
Plantronics, Inc.
345 Encinal Street
Santa Cruz, CA 95060 USA