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Attract & Retain

By taking steps to improve turnover rates in your customer service organization, you can experience direct and dramatic boosts to your bottom line.

Create a Better Environment

The cost of recruiting and training customer service representatives (CSRs) adds up quickly. Plantronics headsets can help you control those costs by making your team’s time on the phone more comfortable, more reliable, and more productive.

Your CSRs want customers to hear them just as much as customers want to be heard. But the din of a busy customer service center can be distracting and tiring for the CSR and annoying to the customer.

How can you make a better workplace for your CSRs?

  • Give your agents the right equipment to communicate clearly wherever they are—in a traditional call center, working from home, or in another part of your organization
  • Beware of consumer-grade headsets that are tuned for music rather than speech. With these headsets, hearing fatigue can occur over the course of long work days.

Attract and retain CSRs by giving them the best tools to do their jobs. High-quality headset design and engineering minimizes distraction, fatigue, and ultimately, burnout, and SoundGuard® protects them. By investing in EncorePro headsets you value them as professionals and are prepared to equip them accordingly.

"It’s important for us to create a real fluidity in not just the call centers but across the organization."

Joe-Anne McCormick, The Southern California Orthopedic Institute Telecom Analyst

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