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Learning to count. Discovering how deep the ocean is. Reaching for the stars.

Today, our long commitment to innovation technology is helping teachers and administrators work more effectively and helping students to learn. With Plantronics solutions, remote students can listen in on seminars online as seamlessly as if they were there in person. And teachers and support staff can communicate hands-free.

We provide the comfortable, reliable, great-sounding audio devices education professionals need today while keeping tomorrow squarely in our sights.

Supporting the passion of teachers

Whether it’s a professor shooting a video for distance learning or a grade-school teacher delivering the language arts, educators are passionate about what they teach. But connecting with students is only part of what they do. Connecting with colleagues and with administrators is also important, to share knowledge, communicate needs and identify solutions to common challenges. Tools like video conferencing or Skype let all participants get their point across as clearly as if they were in the same room.

Saving support staff time and effort

The performance and durability of our headsets can help administrators achieve key goals, enhancing both productivity and employee satisfaction. Office teams benefit from the freedom to work whenever, wherever, and gain efficiencies by communicating hands-free. IT also benefits, with cost-effective headsets that are easy to integrate into any communications environment and simple to use. Our devices interface with virtually any phone system or desk set and deploy seamlessly into a unified communications platform.

Making it easy for students to learn

Whether they’re practicing a new language at a listening lab or talking with friends, students want great audio in a stylish, hands-free package. They’re also looking for efficiency — one device that works seamlessly with their PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone and gaming platform. Plantronics checks all the boxes, accompanying students wherever their day takes them.

Audio Solutions for Education