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Changing your communications strategy

Thriving in today’s business environment requires comprehensive and effective collaboration where teams can communicate across devices in real time.

Improve user adoption and maximize your UC investment with premium Plantronics headsets that deliver reliability, manageability, and seamless integration with your existing technology systems.

Supporting multiple devices - one voice

As companies update their legacy communications systems and install new applications, superior audio solutions are critical. With an increasingly mobile and flexible workforce, it’s vital that communication across devices remains smooth and intuitive. In order to maximize adoption, users need to be able to utilize the right tool based on their work needs without sacrificing audio quality.

Mobility within - and beyond the office

Expectations are rising: Employees used to be satisfied with just email and calendar access, but now they expect desktop functionality on their mobile devices. Quality voice communications is more vital to a company’s health than ever, but BYOD has added yet another hurdle for IT departments. We help IT managers deliver maximum voice performance no matter where their employees are located.

Virtual Collaboration

Collaboration can be informal or planned, but real time is always more effective and efficient. As the physical distances between collaborators grow, so do the challenges. People need to hear and be heard or virtual collaboration breaks down. After all, it takes only one person to impair a conference call. The key to overcoming distance is to deliver a superior experience. This lets employees use their real collaboration tools—eyes, ears, hands, and voice.

Communication challenges and the need for better audio solutions infographic

Plantronics headsets can help you meet the business challenges of today and tomorrow.


"I'm constantly on the move, taking care of IT issues around the building. No matter where I am in the building, people can get ahold of me, and I only have to carry one headset."

-  Greg Deike, senior facility coordinator at PepsiCo