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BT600 Firmware Release Notes

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Version 1307
BT600 Firmware Version 1307

August 11, 2017

What’s New
  • Retain the user set receive volume for each call 

Resolved Issues
  • Second incoming call was being rejected after the first outgoing call is cancelled
  • Headset was being shown as a disconnected device even when connected
  • BT600 was taking longer than 10 seconds to pair to a headset
  • Volume sync was intermittent on Windows 10
  • User can answer a second incoming Skype for Business call while on another call
  • User was unable to unmute from the headset on Skype for Business for Mac
  • Headset connection information was not being properly displayed in Plantronics Hub
Version 1215
BT600 Firmware Version 1215

December 19, 2016
Resolved Issues
  • Fixed an issue that caused incoming audio to drop when used with Voyager Focus UC or Voyager 5200 UC. 
Version 1210
BT600 Firmware Version 1210
  • Added support for Hold/Resume (flash) behavior with Voyager Focus and Voyager 5200 headsets
  • Improved Bluetooth pairing and reconnect reliability
  • Improved mute state handling in multi-call and hold/resume usage
  • Retain correct mute state when going out/in wireless range during an active call
  • Updated Speaker Mute handling to allow MAC to un-mute speaker
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes
Version 1156
BT600 Firmware Version 1156

What's New
  • Improved audio quality and wireless range between the BT600 and Voyager Focus for both mono and stereo telephony.
  • Wideband On/Off setting allows balance of audio quality vs. wireless range between the BT600 and Voyager Focus.
Note: For improved wireless range to take effect, the Voyager Focus must be updated to firmware version 40 as well as performing this update.
Version 1149
BT600 Firmware Version 1149

What's New
  • Initial Release of Product

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