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CS60/CS70N/CS351/CS361: Wireless technology use

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The CS60 uses DECT Technology.   The CS60, CS70N, CS351N & CS361N are DECT based products and complies to the relevant European Safety standards for transmit output power. The average output power of the CS60, CS70N, CS351N & CS361N, is approximately 500 times below that of a standard GSM mobile phone.   According to current scientific knowledge, there are no known health risks associated with DECT telephones and the power they transmit falls below permissible safety limits.   Safety Limits and SAR   The Safety limits for standard cellular mobile telephones are often specified in terms of an SAR value (Specific Absorption Rate). The SAR value is not usually specified for DECT headsets as the average transmit power is so low. In fact, Plantronics DECT Headsets meet the exclusion conditions of the European Standards for this type of testing, such as ES 59005 and EN50360/EN50361. This is because the transmit power is low enough to guarantee that the output of SAR values is well below the basic test limits.

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