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BT600 Firmware Release Notes

Article ID :
Version 1723
March 2020

What's new
  • Support for Microsoft Teams certification

Resolved Issues
Cannot unmute Skype for Business call on a macOS from headset

Version 1615 
BT 600 Firmware Version 1615 
May 2019 
What's New

  • Support For Plantronics Elara 60 Series mobile phone station

Version 1610
BT 600 Firmware Version 1610
November 2018
Resolved Issues
  • intermittently BT600 LED indicates music is playing despite audio being paused
  • Skype for Business dial tone setting remains enabled despite having been turned off in Plantronics Hub desktop
  • BT600 LED continues to flash blue (indicating active call audio) despite the headset not being in an active call state
  • When connected to a Polycom desk phone, the phone will freeze or hang up while attempting to connect to a call or meeting

Version 1509

BT 600 Firmware Version 1509

June 2018
Resolved Issue
  • Headsets would not automatically connect to BT600 reliably
Version 1307
BT600 Firmware Version 1307

August 11, 2017

What’s New
  • Retain the user set receive volume for each call 

Resolved Issues
  • A second incoming call was rejected after the first outgoing call was canceled
  • The headset was being shown as a disconnected device even when connected
  • BT600 was taking longer than 10 seconds to pair to a headset
  • Volume sync was intermittent on Windows 10
  • The user can answer a second incoming Skype for Business call while on another call
  • The user was unable to unmute from the headset on Skype for Business for Mac
  • Headset connection information was not being properly displayed in Plantronics Hub
Version 1215
BT600 Firmware Version 1215

December 19, 2016
Resolved Issues
  • Fixed an issue that caused incoming audio to drop when used with Voyager Focus UC or Voyager 5200 UC.
Version 1210
BT600 Firmware Version 1210

What's New
  • Added support for Hold/Resume (flash) behavior with Voyager Focus and Voyager 5200 headsets
  • Improved Bluetooth pairing and reconnect reliability
  • Enhanced mute state handling in multi-call and hold/resume usage
  • Retain correct mute state when going out/in wireless range during an active call
  • Updated Speaker Mute handling to allow MAC to un-mute speaker
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes
Version 1156
BT600 Firmware Version 1156

What's New
  • Improved audio quality and wireless range between the BT600 and Voyager Focus for both mono and stereo telephony.
  • Wideband On/Off setting allows a balance of audio quality vs. wireless range between the BT600 and Voyager Focus.
Note: For improved wireless range to take effect, the Voyager Focus must be updated to firmware version 40 as well as performing this update.
Version 1149
BT600 Firmware Version 1149
  • Initial Release of Product

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