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Headsets for Those Who Wear Hearing Aids

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Solution for Bluetooth Hearing Aid Pendant Customers
Bluetooth hearing aid pendant customers may use the MDA220 with the
As an additional option, you can use a  HL10 handset lifter or EHS (Electronic hook switch) cable in order to answer/end calls without manually taking your phone off the hook.
Call Center Hearing Aid Compatible (HAC) Headsets
  • EncorePro 510V
  • EncorePro 520V
  • EncorePro HW510
  • EncorePro HW510D
  • EncorePro HW520
  • EncorePro HW520D
  • EncorePro HW515 USB
  • EncorePro HW525 USB
  • Supraplus H251H
  • Supraplus H261H
  • Clarity Products is the world’s leading supplier of amplified telephones and assistive listening devices for the hard of hearing.* 
  • Minnesota Wire and Cable (aka Hatis) offers headsets designed especially for t-coil hearing aids. You can reach them at 715-579-3926.
  • For a product that specializes in people with Hearing loss please contact our Technical Support Specialists at 1-800-544-4660 x1015165 to learn more.
* Clarity does not sell headsets.

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