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Plantronics Manager Pro 3.11 Upgrade | Modifications to Insights

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Analysis Suite Changes
The existing 12 reports across 4 analysis suites will increase to 13 reports that will be realigned into 3 analysis suites.
  • Asset Analysis becomes Asset Management and Adoption, increasing from 5 reports to 8 reports
  • Conversation Analysis becomes Call Quality and Analytics, increasing from 2 reports to 3 reports
  • Acoustic Analysis becomes Health and Safety and will continue to have 2 reports
  • Usage Analysis – the Call Summary and Device Adoption reports will be moved into Asset Management and Adoption.  The Common Action report will be moved into Call Quality and Analytics.  The Usage Analysis Suite will no longer be available.
What do these changes mean to Asset Analysis subscribers?
Existing Asset Analysis suite has access to 5 reports which will increase to 8.
What do these changes mean to Usage Analysis subscribers?
Existing Plantronics Manager Pro with Usage Analysis entitlement subscribers will be upgraded to include Conversation Analysis (to be known as Call Quality and Analytics) at no extra charge for the remaining term of the subscription.  This will ensure continued access to the Common Actions report.  At renewal, the subscription for Call Quality and Analytics can be continued, can be upgraded to Health and Safety, or optionally downgraded to Asset Management and Adoption.
What do these changes mean to Conversation Analysis subscribers?
Existing Conversation Analysis subscribers have access to 10 reports which will increase to 11. 
What do these changes mean to existing Acoustic Analysis subscribers?
Existing Acoustic Analysis subscribers have access to 12 reports which will increase to 13. 
Report Name Changes
Softphone Status            ->           Softphone Adoption
Conflicts Detected          ->           Incompatible Products
Call Summary                   ->           User Activity (moved into Asset Management and Adoption)
Conversation Details      ->           Conversation Analytics
Daily Noise Exposure     ->           Noise Exposure

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