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SupraPlus Wireless CS351/CS361 Troubleshooting: Mic Low

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Callers cannot hear me on the Supra Plus Wireless System.   What should I do?


Here are a few things to check:

1. Make sure that the headset mute is not on. The headset will beep periodically while the mute feature is enabled.  (The mute button is located below the microphone on the headset.)

2. Adjust the microphone volume (A B C D) on the bottom of the base unit (A is lowest, D is highest). 
You can fine tune the microphone volume with the + and - buttons on the back of the base. 3. Rotate the configuration dial on the left side of the base to see if another setting works better with your phone.   4. Make sure that the microphone is within an inch of your mouth.   5. If your headset comes with a clear voice tube, try sliding the tube completely off. Then try to use the headset without the   tube. If callers can hear you, then you will need to replace the voice tube. (A spare voice tube is included in the box.)   6. Try resetting the headset.   Click here for instructions. If you continue to experience problems, please  contact Technical Support.

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