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Computer Headset Troubleshooting: Microphone

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Computer Headsets Troubleshooting: Microphone


Probable Causes: 1. Mute switch on.

The mute control only affects the microphone (outgoing) transmit.
It does not mute headphone receive (incoming) sounds.
2. Loose USB connection. 3. Microphone not selected as USB Audio Device and "use only preferred device" box not checked. 4. PerSono mic volume all the way down. 5. Incorrect microphone placement. 6. You could have exceeded the allocated power on your USB port, rendering the microphone inactive.   Solution(s): 1. Make sure that the mute switch is off. If the red light is illuminated on the inline controls, the mute is activated. 2. Re-connect your headphone USB cable to your computer. Wait 15 seconds for your computer to recognize the USB connection.   3. a. Click Start, point to Settings, point to Control Panel and click Multimedia. ("Sound and Multimedia" if using ME or 2000) b. Under the Audio tab, in the area labeled Record, ensure that USB Audio Device is selected as the Preferred Device. c. At the bottom of this window make sure that the "use only preferred device" box is checked.   4. a. Double-click the PerSono icon. b. Make sure the Mute Microphone button in the upper-left corner does not have a cross trough it. Also make sure the inline mute switch is not red. c. Click the Microphone tab, to adjust the level, use the Microphone Volume control that is just above the Microphone Test button.   5. Adjust the microphone to the corner of your mouth.   6. Disconnect the headset then reconnect to see if this reactivates the microphone. If you attempt to use the mic again and it fails, then you have a possible insufficient USB power supply. Please note: The mute control only affects the microphone (outgoing) transmit.It does not mute headphone receive (incoming) sounds.

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