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Bluetooth Headset Troubleshooting: Unable to Pair Headset to Computer

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I am unable to pair my headset to my computer. What can I do?


If you want to pair your headset directly to your computer,
  1. Make sure you have the appropriate drivers for your internal Bluetooth adapter. Many times, these drivers are not installed by default - even on new computer installations. Therefore, you will need to download the drivers from your computer manufacturer in order for you to use your Bluetooth headset as an audio device.
    Different computer manufacturers and computer models use different internal Bluetooth adapters, so you'll have to contact your computer manufacturer to get those drivers. Most major computer manufacturers have a "Drivers" or "Drivers and Downloads" page on their web site in which you can enter your computer model in order to retrieve available drivers. You can typically find the Bluetooth drivers under the "Network" category.
  2. Make sure that your internal Bluetooth adapter supports:
    • Audio transmissions
    • The Hands Free (HFP) and/or Headset Bluetooth (HSP) Profiles
  3. Finally, make sure that
    • The internal Bluetooth adapter is turned on
    • Your headset is turned on and in discoverable mode.

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