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Voyager Pro+ Troubleshooting: Blocked audio for last number redial after streaming music

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Why don't I hear any audio when I perform a last number redial?


Product Voyager Pro + Cell Phone(s) Affected Nokia N900 Steps to Reproduce
  1. Headset is connected to the cell phone.
  2. When playing music on the cell phone, the stereo audio is in the headset.
  3. Double-tap the call button. The cell phone dials the last number called, and the music is paused.
  4. There is no ring tone in the cell phone or headset.
  5. A short press of the talk button fails to cancel the outgoing call.
  6. Cancel the outgoing call from the cell phone. The music does not resume.
  7. Press the play button on the cell phone to resume music. The music still does not resume.
  8. Double-tap the call button. The cell phone dials the last number called, but there is no audio in cell phone or headset.
  9. Turn off headset. The "power off" voice prompt plays and the music is resumed. However, the audio is only in headset for a while; after a second, it is transferred to the cell phone.
Basic Cause This typically occurs when performing a last number redial while streaming music to the headset. Because the phone is switching from a voice connection (SCO) to a music stream (A2DP) extremely rapidly, it causes the headset to reset and then drop the link. Resolution Unknown Workaround The headset will reconnect automatically. Alternatively, to prevent this from occurring, stop the music streaming first before performing a last number redial. Date Raised 20 July 2010