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Building your noise management strategy

Four communication-based principles that inform how your teams work

59% of consumers have higher expectations for customer service now than they did a year ago.1

Four key principles shape how your employees communicate, collaborate, concentrate and maintain confidentiality to enhance customer experience and strengthen brand preference.

1. Communication

Research shows that 73% of consumers prefer to deal with a real person at the other end of the phone to resolve important issues.2 With this in mind, continued attention to the voice channel is essential to delivering exceptional customer experience.1 In noisy contact centers, your employees need tools that improve their focus and interaction with their customers. Headsets that cancel background noise and microphones that enhance voice and block out the sound of nearby conversations are engineered to improve your employees’ experience as well as that of your customers.

2. Collaboration

Connected (omnichannel) customer journeys have been recognized as the number one industry trend3 driving better customer experiences. While communication channels like chat, email and video may be growing, voice remains the preferred method of communication by customers3 because it provides quick and effective resolution to important issues. With voice at the center of a customer-centric omnichannel strategy, contact centers must enable their employees to quickly and seamlessly collaborate to bring swift resolution to customer issues.

3. Concentration

On average, 53%2 of calls are from customers who have called at least once before. Resolving a customer’s issue the first time is paramount as customer satisfaction drops by 15%4 with each subsequent call, which may result in loss of future business. When a customer calls, it’s because they need help now. Employees who are equipped with the tools that allow them to focus on every customer interaction without distraction provide better customer experiences.

4. Confidentiality

Security, data privacy and customer confidentiality are key concerns in any organization, and critical for governments and heavily regulated industries such as financial services and healthcare. In the noise and activity of a contact center, tools that ensure privacy are critical noise management assets. They ensure employees don’t have to repeat themselves or speak too loudly, and prevent conversations from nearby colleagues being overheard by the customer on the other end of the call.

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