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SupraPlus Wideband: How to Connect the Headset

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The following procedure details how to connect your SupraPlus Wideband HW251/HW251-N/HW261/Hw261-N.

For all models:
The Quick Disconnect Connector  feature allows you to place a call on hold and move away from the phone without removing the headset. When you separate the Quick Disconnect, you place an ongoing conversation on hold.
  1. Before using your headset, join the Quick Disconnect to the mating connector of the modular adapter cable.
     SupraPlus how to connect image 1
  2. Mount your headset and use with amplifier, adapter, or Polaris headset. Grasp the Quick disconnect and pull straight apart to put your call on hold. Reconnect the halves to resume conversation.
    SupraPlus how to connect image 2


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